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ADSR envelope generator for EDU DIY series.

Many iconic sounds like the squelchy acid bass line, snappy techno kick drum, and swelling dream pop pad wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for envelope generators. So, the next module in the mki x line is a slightly optimized ADSR envelope generator. Optimized because it has only 3 controls. With sustain on, it outputs an ASR (attack/sustain/release) envelope, but when the sustain is set to a minimum, it becomes an AD (attack/decay) envelope generator that ignores gate length; Release and Decay are controlled by the same knob. A looping function and an inverted output make the module more versatile for complex patches.

NB! The full EDU DIY system is designed to have 2 EG modules, therefore everyone aiming to build the whole system will need 2 kits.


1 year, 11 months ago

LXR-02 Firmware update 1.3

LXR-02 firmware update 1.3 is now available! It's a maintenance update with improved oscillator tuning and bunch of bug fixes.

2 years ago

Case & PSU for mki x es.EDU DIY modules!

A reliable and safe power supply unit (PSU) and enclosure for mki x es. EDU DIY series modules.

2 years ago

SonalSystem sample packs for Sample Drum!

SonalSystem have created three free packs for the Sample Drum module!