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First user review of the Pico System III

The Pico System III is a real toy!

As a big fan of Erica Synths I could not resist to buy this little system - even with a very large system that I'm already using. 

The Pico System III is of high quality (case, design, package, ....) - not self-evident in this price range (400 Euro for the module, 450 Euro for the stand alone). 

Some first patches result in unique and special sounds. With two oscillators, two envelope generators (with loops), two LPG, a simple sequencer and a BBD delay and three mixers you have plenty of modules and possibilities to create weird music (maybe also lovely melodies...). 

The sound out of the box is very unique, sometimes rough or even a bit harsh - with all limitations it's an inspiring little tool to experiment with - it's like a basic LEGO set, you can build everything - with some simple parts. 

Compared with Make Noise 0-Coast or Moog Mother-32 (I had played both) - I would say that The Pico System III is way more a real toy - in the sense of exploring sounds paired with randomness and fun. It's the right tool to get a break from the big system approach. 

And there are these little cards. You will be able to store your exciting sounds by soldering the complete patch. Not tried it - but there are some "factory presets" included. 

It's a good feeling to be a child and have fun with a new toy - what need I more... vive dada!

Source: red @ Muff Wiggler

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