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Headless Horseman Fusion System II demo

Here's a demo where one of the most talked-about techno artists - Headless Horseman - explores the Fusion System II capabilities.

Erica Synths is one of the few manufacturers that use vacuum tubes in eurorack modules, and those, who are familiar with tube-based modules, know that tubes can push the sound to extremes or turn it deep, saturated and complete. 

We have come up with three new Fusion series modules – Fusion VCF3, Fusion Modulator (already available) and Fusion VCA/Waveshaper/Ringmodulator (available from June 5th) – to create the Erica Synths Fusion System II – a modular synthesiser for sounds of unprecedented pressure, unconventional modulations and creativity-inspiring patching. 

In clips that have sequences the Elektron Analog Four MKII is used for sending all CV signals, meanwhile reverb used is Eventide H9 Max - Blackhole Reverb algorithm. 

Fusion System II will be available on June 5th 2020

More info about the system can be found here

From the shadows to the stage, Headless Horseman's musical efforts are meticulously executed without compromise. The eponymous Headless releases sum up the modus operandi of this artist: dark, raw and rhythmic IDM flavoured Techno. His hardware only live sets at Berghain, Berlin Atonal, Boiler Room and worldwide have showcased the Horseman’s insurmountable skills as a producer and cemented his place in todays techno scene.

3 years, 11 months ago

Fusion Delay for VCV Rack

Now available!

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Pyjama Cookbook

In the hope of instilling solidarity and encouraging friendship during these extraordinary times Korg Germany presents Pyjama Cookbook.

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Pico LPG demo

Divkid has created a short demo for the Pico Low Pass Gate module!