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Jean Michel Jarre about Erica Synths

Latvian magazine KLUBS interviewed Jean Michel Jarre

 When Jean Michel was asked about his use of Erica Synths musical instruments, he commented: 

I really like Erica Synths. They're a perfect example on how an electronics crafts should be. It's like a combination of the digital age and us - the analogue animals made out of blood and bones. We need buttons and knobs to touch, the tactile and organic approach to technology. Erica Synths reminds me of the beginnings of electronic music - when a small bunch of people in their garage or salon started to create the dream concept to make something different, with a distinctive approach. With time electronic music, just like the rest of the music world, became an industry. That contributed to building factories where synthesizers are manufactured like cars. Companies like this one let the youth - people born in the digital age, to recover the roots of electronic music. The second thing that I really like about Erica Synths is that their instruments have a particular sound that you can always differentiate, just like you can hear the difference between Gibson and Fender guitars. And the fact that Erica Synths operates like a family, like a gang to take over the world, reminds me how electronic music worked in the beginning - like a Trojan horse that enters and then changes the way music is created. In a way it still happens - most of the electronic music exists because of small record labels and companies like this. 

Read the full interview in Latvian in the Klubs Platinum issue

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