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Mixmaster Raitis vinyl & eurorack mix

2 turntables, a fully analogue, custom eurorack FX system... and Mixmaster Raitis in the mix.

Second vinyl mix from Mixmaster Raitis, this time with custom eurorack system which consists of 2xPico EF, 2xBlack HP VCF, 2xBlack LPG, 2xBlack BBD and Black Output. Xone:96 is used as a mixer before the eurorack system.

3 years ago

Black LP VCF / HP VCF / VCF Coupler Set

The two new analogue filters & the satellite module are now available in a set!

3 years ago

Black Ring-XFade

A versatile tool for sound-shaping!

3 years ago

Black Sequencer Firmware 1.04

Black sequencer firmware 1.04 is now available! It adds output quantiser which can quantise track outputs in real time or rewrite notes in the sequence. Update also adds new track and synced LFO time divisions.