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News about the development and release of Pērkons HD-01

Earlier in 2021 Erica Synths announced the upcoming drum machine & synthesizer Pērkons HD-01. As the news were received with a lot of encouraging excitement we have been working hard to fulfil the promise of making the instrument available to you within 2021. 

Unfortunately our plans were affected by unforeseen circumstances coming from suppliers - we had ordered micro-controllers for Pērkons HD-01 early in 2021 with a promise to have them delivered in September, the delivery date kept pushed and pushed ahead up to the point of them becoming available only in late 2022. We are currently reworking the PCB to function with other parts that are available to us sooner. You can be sure - no compromises are being made. 

Meanwhile we have actively continued the development as well as improved the user interface. We now expect to open pre-orders early 2022 and will soon present a new demo to showcase the re-worked & even better version of Pērkons HD-01.

More about Pērkons HD-01

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