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SYNTRX II 1.05 firmware update!

This is a maintenance update for the SYNTRX II.


- Fixed DSP crash on some units after long power-on

- SHIFT button LED now turns on when pressed

- Improved Joystick performance

- Minor bugfixes

The firmware update is performed via MIDI SysEx. Power the SYNTRX II off, connect it to the MIDI interface and open a SysEx tool (for example, MIDI-OX for PC and SysEx Librarian for Mac) on your PC or Mac. Now, push and hold both the REC/CLEAR and GATE/SEQ buttons and power the SYNTRX II on. The matrix will show a firmware update screen. Send the firmware file via the SysEx tool and the matrix will indicate the status of the firmware update. It typically takes couple of minutes to complete the update. Once done, restart the SYNTRX II and your new firmware will be installed!

NB! After correct installation, the version displayed on the SYNTRX itself will be 0.05


NB! If you experience problems during update please try different media player and also check audio output level on your audio interface. If you still experience problems during or after the update please open a ticket via our support system HERE.

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