Drum series


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Erica Synths Clap is developed together with French company e-licktronic and it's our take on analogue clap circuits adapted for modular systems. Sharp, punchy sound, Accent & CV control over Tone make it distinctively expressive in studio and live performances.


  • Tone and Decay controls
  • CV control with an attenuator over Tone
  • Manual trigger
  • Accent for Better expression

Although simple, this is a solid and useable percussion voice, its distinctive flam suggesting several hands not quite in perfect sync, like a group of old ladies at a Barry Manilow concert. - Sound On Sound


Decay range
120ms - 1100ms
Audio output level-5...+5V
CV level (full span)-5 - +5V
Trigger level5V
Trigger time1ms
Accent CV level10V
Power consumption24mA@+12V, 20mA@-12V
Module width6HP
Module depth35mm

On this run of modules the Pitch & Decay CV inputs are inverted: rising CV will decrease pitch, falling - increase.

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