AS 3394E Synthesizer voice in SOIC-24 case 1 pc

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The AS3394E is a complete analog music synthesizer voice-on-a-chip intended for software control by a microprocessor system.


Included on-chip are: 
- temperature compensated, wide range, voltage controlled oscillator (suboscillator, triangle, sawtooth, and pulse waveforms); 
-  voltage controlled mixer for adjusting the balance between the internally generated VCO waveforms and any external signal; 
-  dedicated four-pole low-pass voltage controlled filter with voltage controlled resonance;  
- modulation amount VCA for modulating the filter frequency by the triangle waveform output of the VCO;  
- final VCA for allowing the output to be enveloped.  
Envelope control for both the VCF and final VCA may be provided by either a hardware envelope generator such as the  AS3310 
or through software. 

For larger quantities, please, contact Alfa RPAR: alfa@alfarzpp.lv


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