Order Support

modify order, change delivery address, cancel order

Here are the most frequent questions about your experience when using our web-shop.


Modifying order

Once your order is confirmed, we cannot modify it by:
- removing an item
- adding a new item
- merging several orders 

Cancelling order

You can only cancel your order if you haven't already received a tracking number, after you have received it you must wait till your order is delivered and then get in touch with us to request a refund. 

Can I change my delivery address?

Once the order is confirmed, we will have a very short window to do so.
Please provide us with the following information for your new address:

- first and last name
- street number, street name
- floor, apartment number, stair case (if applicable)
- state (if applicable)
- city and zip code
- phone number

Once our logistics warehouse confirms the address change we will notify you via e-mail

Once you receive the tracking number, we invite you to contact your local UPS/FedEx office and ask for an update of your delivery address.


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