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All Erica Synths products have 2-year warranty which starts from the day you have received the product. It includes products purchased on our web-shop as well as each product purchased from our retailers. Though, if you have purchased our product from a retailer we suggest you contact the retailer first, most likely they will be able to solve the issue. In case the retailer can't solve your problem you can create a ticket here and we will make sure to find a solution for each individual situation. 


Damages, Repairs & Replacements

If you think that the Erica Synths product doesn't function as it should / seems damaged on arrival / has changed its behaviour recently, you can create a ticket here. Though, before you do that, please go through all the information available about the particular item - it can be found at SHOP section. NB! Please read the user manual at all times - on many occasions the 'issue' is actually just a specific feature of the particular product. In case there really is something wrong with the item, please create a ticket here and we will make sure to find a solution for each individual situation. 

If there is a fault caused by Erica Synths and your receipt proves valid warranty conditions, we will replace or repair the product free of charge. If the product is not defective, but the malfunction is caused by wrong handling or setup or if the module is purchased second-hand, we will charge a repair cost agreed with the customer in advance (starting from 40 EUR/h).

NB! The warranty is void if there are traces of mechanical or chemical impact on the goods (including traces of module being screwed into the case), traces of attempts to disassemble or modify the goods, or traces of immersion of goods into any liquids, or placing of the goods into any chemically aggressive environment (fumes, vapours, etc.), or the goods were used not in compliance with the terms provided in the user’s manual.


Licensed repair shops for out-of-warranty products

Out-of-warranty units no longer have to be sent back to Latvia for repairs in case you are based in either UK or Switzerland, we have begun collaboration with two repair shops – AudioCircus in the UK and AnalogWizard in Switzerland. We hope to expand this network with more licensed repair shops in all countries in which our products are being distributed.



Address: Attn. Rob Hukin, Polar Ltd at 3, Clayton Manor, Victoria Gardens, Burgess Hill, RH15 9NB, UK


Address: Bahnhofstrasse 233360 Herzogenbuchsee, Switzerland


Returns & Exchanges

If the product does not meet your expectations and you have purchased it on our web-shop & received less than 14 days ago, you can create a ticket here and we will offer you a full refund (excluding the shipping cost). Unfortunately, it is not possible to exchange products. The only way is to request a refund and place a new order with items you wish to purchase.

NB! If you want to send back a product for return, repair or any other reason, please create a ticket so we can give you all the information regarding the shipping process. We don't take any responsibility for parcels shipped without contacting us first & without sending us the tracking number of the parcel!



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