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ESG: Bernhard Rasinger, Goto80, Jacob Remin

Erica Synths Garage will stream three performances this Friday 6 PM CET | 7 PM EET | Photo credit: Jacob Remin's work - overgaden, Copenhagen, 2017

Bernhard Rasinger performs on a system that combines a modular synthesizer and state of the art laser technology to create a lucidly hypnotic audiovisual experience.

Goto80 is an "old media artist" from Sweden who works with music, art and research. Since the 90's he has released thousands songs in many absurd styles and formats. He currently focuses on live improvised C64 music, robotic arms, and ASCII graffiti. 

Jacob Remin's practice is a critical meditation over technology and the power structures it creates. Remin often works collaboratively and structurally, creating spaces for conversation. Remins works are manifested as physical works in the meeting between light, space, composition and interaction.

2 years, 10 months ago

CDM: The synth modules of winter, eurorack radar

CDM reports: The waves of synth modules never stop coming, as obsessed engineers keep making them and sound tinkerers keep buying them.

2 years, 10 months ago

Workshop: Techno System

Spanish only! See the video from the workshop with the Techno System!

2 years, 10 months ago

Black CV Tools

Black CV Tools is fully analogue CV and audio processor module designed for advanced manipulations with signals – mixing, scaling, offsetting, wave-shaping, et cetera.