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Now available 8x126HP enclosure for those who take Eurorack seriously

The beauty of Eurorack is that you are not limited to a specific synthesizer form factor. This can vary anywhere from super-compact, specialized performance systems to huge studio installations. While we have many options available for the former, the latter was missing from our Eurorack case lineup and we have finally created the missing piece – a large Eurorack case that provides exceptional value for money.

 The Erica Synths Megarack case is for those who take Eurorack seriously – a classically-shaped 8x126 HP all-aluminium case with side panels, featuring Erica Synths custom rails with threaded inserts providing 12A@+12V and 6A@-12V. This monolith will provide ample housing for your modules, all while retaining a sleek elegance not commonly found in cases of this size.


5 months ago

SYNTRX II 1.05 firmware update!

This is a maintenance update for the SYNTRX II.

5 months, 3 weeks ago

Drum Stereo FX and Stereo DJ VCF

Explore a collection of custom hi-fi delay and reverb effects with the Stereo FX module, driven by our new DSP engine or, sculpt your sounds with the Stereo DJ VCF, delivering the distinctive filtering style commonly found on DJ decks.

6 months ago

Voice cards for Bullfrog!

Now available 3 new expansion cards: Highpass VCF, Electric Organ and Wind and Stars.